The Land Of Slience and Drought

Hi, I'm Odd. Well, yes I'm odd but I'm also Odd. You know, names and stuff.
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If corals get stressed they die, so if I was coral I would be dead 

what do coral even get stressed about

Current events

I sea.

guys, i work at an aquarium and my coworkers and i have literally laughed at this for three days straight. everytime we pass each other we whisper “current events” and crack up. our customers think we are nuts.

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you know what’s really sad to think about?


this is the shit john scrawled all over his walls when he was asleep as a kid and this is why john’s dad left him so many notes about how proud he was of him. 

he just wanted his son to be proud of himself. 

no no no it’s even worse because its written in the text colour of his friends

wow now i’m even more upset about this